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ARI KRONEN (M.A., ΦΑΘ, A+, Linux+, CSSS)
(917) 856-5148 • khwarenah@gmail.com
Ari is a self-motivated worker with much experience in the worlds of IT and Education. A life-long student
of history and religious studies, he possesses a B.A. in the former discipline, and completed his Masters
degree in the latter field at Naropa University in 2018. Ari has solid interpersonal skills and is a creative
thinker who delights in problem-solving. Along with a strong academic record, teaching, tutoring, and IT
experience, he has studied abroad, in addition to working with children and the disabled. Ari is diligent,
patient, meticulous, and capable of making a meaningful impact in any environment.
Naropa University
Boulder, CO – Class of 2018
Master of Arts in Religious Studies (45 credits)
• Completed an Honors M.A. Thesis in my field
Lander College of Arts & Sciences
Brooklyn, NY – Class of 2013
Bachelor of Arts in History (120 credits)
Graduated with distinction in History
• Completed an Advanced B.A. Thesis in my field
Yeshivat Torat-Yosef HaMivtar
Efrat, Israel – 2009-2010
• One year intensive Judaic Studies program
• Mentored an autistic boy two days a week
National History Honor Society (ΦΑΘ)
CompTIA A+, Linux+, and CSSS certified
Active privacy and security projects on GitHub
• Package Maintainer for the Fedora Project
Hebrew translator for the Cog audio player
• Has work included in AdBlock Plus, ReThink
DNS, and Blokada
Technical: Standard WebDev (CSS, PHP,
JavaScript, and HTML); Advanced shell scripting
under Windows, Linux and OS X (very comfortable
with RegEx); Fully capable of servicing and
managing individual computers or large networks
running Windows, OS X, and Linux; Familiar with
administering RAID and JBOD arrays; Skilled with
automated backups and image-based cloning;
Comfortable with remote administration; Have
extensive experience with stereo recording
techniques and mastering audio; OpenWrt;
OpenVPN; Microsoft Office; Open / LibreOffice;
FileMaker Pro; Apple Logic; ReNoise, and more.
Language: Fluent in English. Good Hebrew skills.
Mentor ~ 2009-2010
Masa - Efrat, Israel
• Essentially functioned as a big brother type figure
2-to-4 times a week for youths with autism, as part
of a year-long Judaic Studies exchange program.
Freelance Tech Consultant & Tutor
2005-Present – Multiple Locations
• Tutored a number of individuals in using a variety
of different applications and operating systems
(Linux, Windows, OS X, Photoshop, GIMP, Logic,
ReNoise, MS Office, LibreOffice etc...).
• Set up and maintained a number of networks and
servers in professional, and hobbyist capacities.
• Substitute teaching (I have certifications).
• Worked on several audio editing projects
(including as a recording engineer), and have
proficiency in a number of programming, scripting,
and web development languages (Pascal, Bash,
PERL, CSS, PHP and others).
• Assisted individuals and organizations in digital
design for pamphlets, fliers and social media.
• Regular contributor to my own – and a variety of
other – Open Source Software projects.
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Contracted Tutor for Grade Potential
2018-2022 – Boulder, CO
• General studies tutoring for grade-schoolers and
some college students.
Also specialized in Hebrew, History, English, and
essay writing.
Technical Support Representative ~ 2019-2020
EnvysionSuperior, CO
• Provided remote support, diagnostic services and
error resolution to clients.
• Worked largely from the command line under
CentOS and Windows 10.
• Creatively solved issues regarding the integrity
and transfer of confidential data.
Research & Technical Assistant ~ 2018-2019
for Professor Sreedevi K. Bringi
Boulder, CO
Assisting in the translation and proper phonetic
transliteration of Sanskrit texts.
• Digital formatting in MS Office and LibreOffice.
• Discovering and organizing new sources of
information for academic and seminar documents.
• Editing works for a variety of publications,
including the new book, Beacons of Dharma.
Computer Teacher & Technology Specialist
2014-2015 – Luria Academy of Brooklyn
Brooklyn, NY
• System Administrator for a large network of
computers (Windows 7 – 8.1).
• IT Support for the entire School (two buildings).
• Computer teacher for ~100 lower and middle
school students.
• Formulated a variety of lesson plans and employed
creative teaching techniques.
• Tech support & maintenance for school's network,
computer lab, and server.
• Completed training for, and administered
SuccessMaker educational software.
• Organized and led after school technology
• Mediated communication between parents and
Head Prep Cook ~ 2008
Krunch PizzaNew York, NY
• Oversaw and directed a team of other cooks.
Assisted in food preparation and enforcement of
health codes.
• Purchased, installed, maintained and transported
kitchen equipment.
Network Administrator & IT Manager ~ 2007
Alex Donner EntertainmentNew York, NY
Administered regular backups of every machine on
the network, and improvised shell script and
AppleScript utilities to alert me of issues via eMail
during hours when I was away from the office.
• Synced data across multiple computers (mainly
Macs) and mobile devices (mainly BlackBerry
• Performed daily maintenance routines on a small
network of Apple computers.
• General hardware repair and tech support.
Sub-Regional Volunteer Coordinator ~ 2006
HeadCount (Non-Profit Voters Initiative)
New York, NY
• Organized voter registration activities.
• Traveled the East Coast of America registering
people to vote.
Administrative Assistant ~ 2005
Assemblyman Scott Stringer’s Office
New York, NY
• Ensured that Scott Stringer and his staff were able
to efficiently go about their daily tasks.
• Worked to facilitate communication between the
assemblyman and his constituents.
Intern at Assisted Living Environment ~ 2004
Jewish Home & Hospital for The Aged
New York, NY
Assisted senior citizens in their day to day
• Helped organize entertainment events for